General Resources for Church Planting

Can the Church Adapt to Demographic Reality? - By Bob Orner

GCA Network Seminar

July Seminar Flyer 

Frequently Asked Questions About Church Planter Assessment

Is Church Planting For Me? (20 Questions) 

7 Seasons of Church Planting: GCA Planting Methodology 

Church Planting Checklist: Season One -- Preparing

Transforming Power of the Gospel by Steve Childers 

Transforming Power of the Gospel by Steve Childers (Korean version)

Church Planting Budget Proposal Template (Microsoft Excel required)

Small Churches Can Plant Churches—A Dissertation by Bruce Finn


Recommended Books and Links:

Church Planting Bibliography -- GCA Recommended Resources 

Christian Spirituality Bibliography -- GCA Recommended Reading 

Worship Bibliography -- GCA Recommended Reading 

Worship Links 

Ed Stetzer's latest book -Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age


Church Planting Proposals

Church Planting Proposal: Orlando, Florida

Church Planting Proposal: Memphis, Tennessee

Church Planting Proposal: Baldwin Park, Florida

Church Planting Proposal: Lincoln, Nebraska

Church Planting Proposal: Chinese 1st and 2nd Generation, Orlando, FL

Church Planting Proposal: Church for the Deaf

Church Planting Proposal: Sacramento, California

Church Planting Proposal: San Diego, California

Church Planting Proposal: Findlay, Ohio


Regional Church Planting Network Resources:

New Church Network Resources (Password Required)


RTS Masters and Doctoral Resources:

RTS Masters and Doctoral Course Resources (Password Required)


Audio Resources by Steve Childers

"What in the World is God Doing?" by GCA President Steve Childers

National Pastors Conference on Christian Spirituality in Seoul, Korea

(7 Messages in English with Korean Translation)

Good News for the Lost and Found

The Good News of Justification

The Good News of Adoption

The Good News of the Holy Spirit

Repentance: Turning from Heart Idolatry

Faith: Growing Upward in Worship

Obedience: Joyfully Serving the King


Messages on the Transforming Power of the Gospel

The Transforming Power of the Gospel (Japanese Version)

Ordering the Christian Leader's Private World / PowerPoint for this message

The Distinguishing Marks of a Gospel-Centered Church Planter


Video Resources

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing - Robert McQuilken's Testimony