Our Services



Equipping leaders to be effective trainers, coaches and consultants using adult-learning principles that are focused on core competencies and measurable outcomes. GCA training services include Four Training Levels:

Level 1: Conferences

Level 2: Workshops

Level 3: Seminars

Level 4: Courses (Credit and Audit)


Providing leaders with personal, church and association/denominational coaching and consulting in order to help them determine which of their ministry competencies and components need to be strengthened and which GCA resources and services will best serve their needs.

Network Development

One of the ways GCA serves Church Planting Associations (denominations, mission agencies and large churches) is through providing training in how to start, grow and multiply Church Planting Networks. Developing a regional church planting network normally requires an intentional, multi-year process (2-3 years minimum) that equips leaders to establish the essential movement components (systems) necessary for raising up, equipping, and multiplying healthy, growing, reproducing Gospel-Centered churches.

The training necessary to equip an association to start healthy, growing, multiplying churches and networks normally requires a series of intensive training sessions (Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Consults, etc). In between these training sessions the network leaders are coached by GCA staff consultants in order to assist them in raising up key network component leaders (Vision Leader, Renewal Leader, etc) that will help establish and strengthen their particular component in the overall network. This process normally takes 2-3 years.

The unique nature and number of training events, coaching relationships, GCA trainers needed, type of training curriculum used, etc. is determined by the unique need of the GCA kingdom partner/client. “One size does not fit all”.  A detailed description of GCA training services and fees will be provided upon request to help GCA’s clients better understand their unique training needs and the corresponding GCA service costs.

Leadership Resources

Providing ongoing research and development into the most effective church planting training principles, methods and models today. GCA resource services include providing leaders with cutting-edge, holistic training curriculum (in their own languages) including hardcopy and digital web-based audio and video resources.